Monday, September 14, 2009

Day #12/175 Days

The schedule continues to be tweaked and played with. Right now what seems to be working best is jotting down on a 5x7 note card the night before the things I want to cover & using it for a guide - for the most part. Here is what we accomplished today:
  • We took our first fall walk. I asked each of the boys to point out two things, and they each had to be different, that showed that fall was coming. Along the way I gathered some pretty leaves, flowers, rocks, and a pine cone for later use. We went about 1/2 a mile. Conductor rode his bike while the rest of us walked - well except Mr. & Miss H who got to ride in the stroller. PE
  • We listened to a chapter from a new book called Sarah's Wish. I'll be posting a review of it soon for the TOS Homeschool Crew. It's excellent. History
  • I sent them to do their "morning routine" which they typically do before we start school but I forgot. I added it in here. Life Skills
  • As an extension of the above, each boy was sent to their respective room on a mission - to find their misplaced Bibles. Unfortunately, after about 30 minutes searching and cleaning they came up empty. Now that we are back to AWANA, they need to have these each week - aside from the fact that they just need them! We'll try again tomorrow OR I'll end up in there with a trash bag and they'll loose stuff. Life Skills
  • I read a chapter from Farmer Boy - our current read aloud. While I read, the boys colored their "brain hats." Photos tomorrow - my camera battery died today. Science
  • The boys continued to color while I read a chapter from Volume 2 of Story of the World. We've never finished Vol. 2 - this is our 2nd try - and I am determined to do so. We are just reading it and doing nothing else at this point, but we're now one chapter closer. History
  • All the boys worked on their MUS lessons & Conductor & Lego-Man each had a turn on Quarter Mile Math. Math
Lunch break

  • Since the boys can't find their Bibles, I had them each read for 30 minutes from some books I purchased earlier this year. They are The Illustrated International Children's Bible which looks like a comic book but has the complete Bible text (with chapter and verse numbers in it) but makes it a bit more appealing to the boys. Even Happy was given his choice of one to look at for that time. Lego-Man choose to read Genesis, Conductor picked Mark & Happy is looking through John. I also have Matthew. Click the link above & you can check out the John book free of charge at the website. Bible
  • The boys worked in their writing journals. Writing
  • I set up the nature items I picked up on the walk earlier in the day & had the boys draw them. This was hard for them as we haven't done much of this type of drawing. The all struggled but did well in the end. We'll try to do this more often. Art
  • We ended the day playing a game of Life while Happy had a nap which he sorely needed. Conductor won the game & was pretty happy.
  • Conductor ended the day with soccer practice.
Today Miss H did the following:
  • coloring - her absolute favorite thing to do - but we used BIG coloring books (about 2 feet tall)
  • puzzles - her 2nd favorite thing to do
  • Aquadoodle pad
  • stickers - probably her 3rd favorite thing to do - I give her a blank piece of paper and small stickers and she fills the paper with them
  • Fisher Price binoculars - these keep her busy a long time

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