Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day #14/175 Days

Today is a mish-mash of a day. I stayed up far too late. The little ones I watch do not want to nap today & that's added another element to the day we don't normally have, but we're managing.

This morning I just vegged a lot which is a nice option for homeschoolers I think. Lego-Man made a double batch of chocolate chip cookies. I count this as a Life Skill but it could easily be included in a home economics option or even math since he doubled the recipe.

After lunch - when I though the little ones were napping - we began on a lapbook I'll be reviewing in a couple of weeks. I like how it's set up a lot. The boys did okay. We did about four elements today. The lapbook is on reptiles so we'll count this towards Science.

While we waited for Conductor to finish up his last little bit, we watched some fun videos on YouTube.

Meet the Elements by They Might Be Giants (Science)
Why Does the Sun Shine? by They Might Be Giants (Science)

It is definitely later in the day than we typically do school, but since the boys had the morning off we'll keep going a bit more.

They each worked on their Math books from MUS. I only ask them to do two pages (well, with the new books it's four pages, but it's the same number of problems as the old books).

We read a bit today about the nervous system in the nutrition book we're trying out. We also watched about half of a video recommended from the book. You can find it HERE. It was very interesting but I was fast loosing the boys interest and the noise level was a bit too distracting. (Science)

The boys finished their abbreviated day today by writing in their writing journals. (Writing)

But then I changed my mind and made them both go read for 30 minutes. I'm making Lego-Man read The Hobbit and Conductor is reading The Stolen Train which is a story we've heard on the Your Story Hour CDs so he's familiar with it. (Literature)

Conductor has soccer practice again tonight so he'll be set for PE. Lego-Man does a lot of walking/pacing outside during the day so he's good too.

I don't have a lot that Miss H did today since she was napping for the first part of our day. I did take an old pringles can & cut a hole in the cover & gave her a handful of straws. She is loving this. She is asking about the colors & getting about half of them right. She is putting them in & taking them out.

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Cynthia said...

Sounds like you've been quite busy.