Friday, September 11, 2009

Day #11/175 Days

Today we began a series of five classes are are taking at the "local" natural history museum. I say "local" because it's about 40 minutes away, but that's local in rural Maine. We really enjoy this museum & we've been able to get quite a group of homeschoolers together for this series.

The class today was on birds. We gathered upstairs in the "bird room" and Serena - the museum guide - talked about birds with the kids & the watercolor murals of their habitats.

Their assignment was to find a bird & study it. Then draw it & color it. Serena showed the kids how to draw with a pencil & then add color watercolors.

Gratuitous photo of Mr. H (he was in a Snugli facing out & did fantastic!)

Miss H loves to draw and color so I made sure to grab her a piece of paper and pencil (I decided not to try watercolors) and she did great.

Can I just point our her grip? She's two! She just turned two in July.
Look how she's holding that pencil. That's great!

Conductor is sketching out his bird. He started to get frustrated and then I pointed out that everything is made up of straight lines or curved lines. Just find the lines and copy them.

Lego-Man is already adding color to his drawing.

Happy had a great time with the watercolors.

He spent the whole morning with his friend. They have a great time together. His mom is always great about taking on Happy when we do stuff together. Miss H even took to her as well & wanted to be carried around by Sarah. Thanks again, Sarah!

This is Conductor's final drawing. I was duly impressed since we have not done a lot of art instruction yet.

Lego-Man's final drawing.

I didn't take a photo of Happy's final drawing but he just added a lot of watercolor lines to his paper. It's very pretty though.

On the way off the campus, we drove by the pond. I was telling the boys that the next class will be about pond life. That's when Lego-Man spotted this guy above. I backed up, jumped out, grabbed my camera, and snapped this photo. My sister had come up behind me & I think the heron got tired of the "paparazzi" & took off. I didn't get a photo of him flying away either but it was very impressive.

It was a great Friday here & we're already looking forward to the next session on the 24th.

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