Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day #18/175 days

Each evening I'm writing down what I want to accomplish in a notebook & now I'll have a written record if I need it as well. It's working so far.

One thing I tried today was to give Happy some one-on-one time which he sorely needs. So we did some Kindergarten work first thing this AM.
  • I found some cute handwriting papers on-line which I found HERE. I'm just not sure who pointed me there in the first place. I like how simple they are. Happy definitely needs to work on his handwriting so my plan is to do this daily with him.
  • Scissor practice was next. This is a freebie I found at CurrClick. But when I was figuring out where I found it, I discovered the blog of the woman who developed the scissor pages. It's called Midday Snack & it's got tons of resources on it.
  • We ended by using a free phonics book I downloaded from Homeschool Freebie of the Day a few weeks ago. However, I did find it at another site as well & it can be downloaded HERE for free. I like it as it has him reading small words (man, ran, etc.) within the first lesson.

Then together today we did:

Circle Time
  • Popcorn Prayer
  • Star Spangled Banner
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Sang the first verse of "Amazing Grace"
  • Continued learning "Blessed Assurance"
  • Recited our poem "A Thought"
  • Continued working on signing John 3:16 (I'm really enjoying this.)
  • Read Sarah's Wish (TOS Crew item)
  • Read Farmer Boy
  • Worked on 24 Family Ways (Way #2)
  • Worked on AWANA verses
Literature time. Lego-Man continues reading The Hobbit & Conductor is reading The Stolen Train.

Since I ran out to do some quick errands this morning we got a later start to our day. At this point we took our Lunch Break. The boys watched Jelly Telly while they ate. Tuesday is history day and today they learned about George Washington. Jelly Telly uses Drive Thru History videos which are well done.

After that they asked to watch a Magic School Bus episode. I've been taping them on the DVR (we now have 20 on there) & the younger boys in particular really like them. Lego-Man liked them at that age as well. I made them all watch it today. It was the "Mussel Beach" episode & I get to count it as science.

Then I gave them "recess" which meant they needed to go outside and play for a bit. Of course, that counts as PE.

We did another Mad Libs today (language arts) & the boys really love this. I think we'll continue with this as long as they enjoy it. It's a great way for them to learn the different parts of speech. Here is today's version (their words in bold):


The most important game you will play at camp is tennis. Tennis is
popular with young people, slimy people, and even
with elderly soccer balls. Playing tennis gets you out in the
bloody air and is really little exercise. You
can wear special calendars made especially for the court.
The most important part of tennis is the serve. To serve, you throw
the season high in the air and hit it into your opponent's
crazy Jack. Then you rush up to the
house and fall. The various strokes in
tennis are called the "overhand fan," the "big
volley," and the "back-belly-button return." And, if you win, you
must remember to run up and leap madly over the
book. Then slap your opponent on the palace
and say, "New!"

Math was next. Nothing exciting about math. Two pages in MUS.

Then we tried out two TOS Crew materials. The first is a neat little book called Over Our Heads in Wonder put out by Bright Ideas Press. This is a science/Bible curriculum. Today we talked about the sky & everyone (including Miss H) drew sky pictures. Lego-Man drew a night picture (black paper & white chalk), Conductor drew a day photo with clouds (blue paper & white chalk) & Happy drew a rainbow (with a bit of help from Teach). Miss H just drew with the white chalk on green paper and loved it!

We ended (badly as the boys were just too tired at this point - as was I) with another book I've been eager to try by Bright Ideas Press called Young Scholar's Guide to Composers (music). We've started at the beginning & I do like this program so we're going to try it again tomorrow.

Conductor ended his day with soccer practice which seems to be what he does quite a bit lately.

Miss H did the following today:
  • puzzles
  • coloring
  • Aquadoodle pad
  • Blocks
  • paper and chalk
She slept through part of the school day.

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