Friday, September 18, 2009

Day #16/175 Days

Today was easy & hard all rolled in to one. I'm teaching my first ever class to other homeschooleres. I'm teaching photography. Not sure how it's going to go but we survived our first class together. This is for kids 10 & up but I am letting Conductor take it. We meet only once a month & are not meeting in December & January.

Today we learned about:

  • The history of photography
  • The history of camera - had a pinhole camera, a No. 3 Brownie Camera, a film SLR camera, and a digital camera there for everyone to look at.
  • We used a pinhole camera to take photos
  • We reviewed the timeline of photography
  • We talked about some famous photographers. Everyone picked one to do a report on for next month.
  • I went over the different icons on a camera & what they mean (i.e. a "running man" is used for sports mode, a flower is used for macro photography)
  • Discussed briefly the "Rule of Thirds."
  • Talked about framing/composing a photo briefly
  • Went over their pre-class homework - each constructed a photo collage of pictures from magazines. They explained why they picked them. I then used these to show how they were composed (i.e. using lines, rule of thirds, natural framing, etc.)
  • Gave out homework for next month - photographer report, vocabulary words, photo scavenger hunt (15 things to find) & reviewing the timeline.
All in all I think it went okay. We'll see how next month goes. I'm not sure we'll need the 90 minutes I've planned for. Next month though everyone will have their scavenger hunt photos to share so perhaps we will.

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Innocent Observer said...

The class went fabulously! :P