Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day #8/175 Days

Circle Time - "Popcorn" Prayer. We sang the "Star Spangled Banner" & said The Pledge of Allegiance. Lego-Man was able to recite the short poem we started way back in August from memory. I read Proverbs 8 & we discussed (this needs work). We sang "Amazing Grace" & then watched Leann Rimes sing it on YouTube (I loved it - the boys - not so much). I read another chapter in Farmer Boy. We started using My 24 Family Ways which I think I'm going to really like. We also continued working on Roots & Fruits (a Crew curriculum).

Bible - The boys were sent to their rooms for 15 minutes of private devotions. I've set them to reading Romans so they had to read Romans 1 today. While they were there, I began reading to Happy & Miss H from a book I discovered on my shelves called (well, now I can't find it -the story of my life lately - I'll add the title when I do). It's rather wordy with not many photos but they are both doing well sitting and listening. We then finish up with Grapevine studies. I figured out today how to do the teacher drawings using Paint & that's working well since Mr. H is usually taking his morning nap in the pack-n-play in front of the porch door & that is where I store the big chalkboard. Since I keep forgetting to get it before he goes to sleep, I'll just keep using Paint.

Math - Each of the boys did two pages in their MUS workbooks. Simple & straightforward.

PE - Conductor had an appointment with an ENT specialist today & we determined he'll be having his tonsils & adenoids out in November. While I had him at the doctor's office, my sister took Happy & Lego-Man to the playground for two hours. Conductor got a half-hour playtime after we finished up. Then Conductor had an hour soccer practice as soon as we got home.

What Miss H did today:
  • coloring (this girl LOVES to color!)
  • stickers on paper - small stickers
  • looked at books
  • played with Duplo blocks
  • puzzles (I need to get more)
  • had books read to her
This was an abbreviated day due to having to leave at 1:30 for the doctor's which was an hour drive away.

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