Monday, September 28, 2009

Day #22/175 Days - Apples!

We spent the morning at a local apple orchard. This orchard makes apple cider right on the premises so we were able to get a tour of those facilities as well as where they store their apples for the winter.

I had all the kids with me. Mr. H started out in the stroller but it was easier to plop him in the Snugli for the tractor ride so he was carried for most of the morning.

They unfortunately were not pressing cider today but we did get to see where it is made & it was explained how it worked. Here is some cider left in the holding tank after their last batch was made.

After our tour we hopped on the trailer for a ride out to the orchard. I think the kids liked this part the best. We didn't have long there to pick - about 15-20 minutes tops - but long enough to fill our bags up. Even Miss H picked 1-1/2 bags. They were tiny bags but just right for little hands.

Conductor filling up his bag with apples.

On the ride back we all sampled an apple (or two). Even Miss H liked hers. They were Macouns and very tasty.

At the end of the tour we were all treated to some apple cider. Miss H really liked the "juice" & drank down a whole cup - more or less. A lot of it ended up on her shirt & pants so we did have to do an outfit change but she was happy nonetheless.

We ended our day at the orchard with a picnic lunch. There was a great climbing tree near where we were sitting and Conductor promptly scampered up it - mud boots and all. I, of course, had to grab the photo op.

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