Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day #13/175 Days

Today was Park Day. We love Park Day. We head out & meet up with other homeschoolers and let the kids play. The moms get a chance to chat. It's a win-win situation. It also counts as PE.

Miss H had a great time playing on the little set they have at the park for little people. She did make a break when I wasn't paying attention to the big set & I did have to do a retrieval from the very top of the play set but it was all good.

I think Conductor had a great time. Lego-Man took the next two photos (and a bunch of other photos of other people's kids). Conductor doesn't usually smile this big for me. Hmmm.....

Yesterday I made mention of making these "brain hats." They really only fit Mr. H so I took some photos with him sporting them. Aren't they cool?!?!?

After Mr. & Miss H went home for the day, I did manage to squeeze in some fun learning. We watched Jelly Telly. I need to remember that Tuesday is History day & Thursday is science day. The boys love watching Jelly Telly & today they learned about Benjamin Banneker. I like that Jelly Telly used clips from Drive Through History - we like that program.

We read four eBooks that I need to review for the TOS Homeschool Crew. I liked them. The subjects were varied but all presented well - earthquakes, bones/skeleton, nouns/adjectives, and flamingos. The boys liked them too so that was good.

We ended the day with the older boys working on their writing journals. It's short & simple but I want to continue to have them get used to writing daily. Right now they only have to do three sentences about a single topic. I'll increase that by a sentence each month.

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